charming city hall engagement | los angeles, ca

After an unusual rainy season in LA, we braved the chilly weather and roamed around the prettiest City Hall capturing sweet kisses, and windswept moments, lots of warm hugs and genuinely had the most fun! Considering their NYE proposal was at an airplane hangar followed by a helicopter ride to Palm Springs to celebrate, Uni […]




central coast bliss | santa ynez, ca

Raina & Sal love spending time outdoors in beautiful gardens and settings so we headed to the gorgeous Kestrel Park, a private estate in the Santa Ynez Valley. They enjoyed the vast beauty of the landscape, majestic Horses and even frolicked among hidden enclaves of greenery and lush golden fields with their whimsical and infectious […]


anniversaire | santa ynez, ca

With a setting a lush as Kestrel Park in the Santa Ynez mountains, the day is sure to be good.  Magical light, a landscape that gets prettier with every turn, and a couple in love, a sure recipe for the perfect portraits. Meiwen and Lenny celebrated their one year anniversary and brought along some industry […]




golden hour | malibu, ca

Vivian and Felix love traveling the world and taking photos in every dramatic landscape they can find.  Just as the sun began its descent and mountains and fields were glowing with that warm golden hour light, these lovers celebrated their beautiful union at this glorious California landscape before heading off to their next adventure in […]


dreamy winters at the coast | malibu, ca

When you travel the world and explore beautiful vistas together, it’s only natural as Southern Californians you’d want an iconic landscape as your backdrop for Engagement photos.  Though we don’t typically have weather issues, it was a cold and cloudy day, with the rain breaking just long enough for us to capture these beautiful moments together […]


“You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.” 


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